Born in 1988...

It was established in a small workplace as a family firm in Sultanbeyli, İstanbul in 1988,

Yüksel Offset that could make retail print such as business card and bill in those years and went its commercial journey on with a small human powered letterpress machine, extended its machine park by investing in machine in the mid-90s.

Yüksel Offset which gain market confidence by developing customer portfolio and has principles and move on with the understanding of ethical commerce, always prioritise the customer satisfaction. Its commercialism, standing by its own products, becomes stronger. Over the past quarter century, Yüksel Offset have today provided the customers' demands and requests with the machine park of preprint, print and post-print that could print in every size of paper in various coloured offsets. Yüksel Offset feels right proud of serving its own sector with 32 years of past. It pursues new printing press techniques to present the best quality and the fastest products to the customers by constantly improving itself for the next trade life just as now. Yüksel Offset despatches the products by packing studiously at the end of production process which includes the various services after print such as offset printing from the smallest size to the biggest size, cellophane, cutting, gumming and lac.

Yüksel Offset owes all the contributor business partners, carrying itself to these days, a great debt of gratitude.

Ara Bölüm



To show our difference in terms of application and quality in the sector of paper and cardboard.



Our mission is to always open innovation, change and development without compromising from the commercial ethical rules by aiming the understanding of customer satisfaction.




+ We carry our work conventional and our honesty to the future.
+ Since its inception, Yüksel Offset Printing, adopting to increase the experience and to improve both sense of rule and machine park as principle, will continue to carry the caption as a trusted institution towards employees, customers, suppliers and our society for many years.

Kalite Politikası


+ To provide continuous growth and development by using progressive technology and man power well.
+ To offer quality products on time with competitive prices, to consider the customers' request and expectations while setting our strategies.
+To offer quality products on time with competitive prices, to consider the customers' request and expectations while setting our strategies.

Çevre Politikası


+ To determine the environmental dimensions of our activities and products and to minimise the effects by observing the regulation in our country.
+ To provide recycling in every possible situation and to show a maximum effort to reuse.
+ To reduce the waste and pollution that we cause, and to provide removing the environmental effect of hazardous waste by minimising.
+ To raise the awareness of our suppliers about the environmental dimension of the services and goods that they supply.
+ To develop constantly our environmental management system in the light of these principles


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